From April 29 - Summer reinforcement of line L94

On April 29, the reinforcement of line L94 begins during all summer weekends.

departures in the morning
from City of Justice of L'Hospitalet in Gavà Mar (av. Europa-La Pava)

departures in the afternoon
from Port Ginesta in pl. Barcelona Spain. It does not circulate through Gavà Mar

10:00 am

3:55 pm

10:30 am

4:25 pm

11:00 am

4:55 pm

11:30 am

5:25 pm


5:55 pm


6:25 pm

1:00 pm

6:55 pm

1:30 pm

7:25 pm

2:00 pm

7:55 pm


*This is an additional service, the regular line L94 maintains its usual route and frequency with a bus every 20 minutes.
Starting June 1, every 15 minutes.


From April 13, 2023 - Improvements in the Castelldefels bus network

L94: more frequency and extended hours
The service of line L94 increases its frequency of passage
Every day of the week.
In winter, the buses will run every 20 minutes, and in summer every 15 minutes.
The new schedule becomes an important communication improvement, especially for the coastal neighborhoods with the greatest demand and their connection with Barcelona.

E95: service from Monday to Saturday
The E95 express line will also circulate on Saturdays. The frequency throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday, will be one bus every 20 minutes.
In addition, it incorporates into its service new 18-meter articulated hybrid vehicles, with greater capacity and comfort.

L95: Travel Enhancement
The L95 line service modifies its route in Castelldefels and connects more quickly with Barcelona. Retrieve your itinerary and stops on Av. de la Pineda and communication with the Ànec Blau shopping area. In addition, it establishes a new direct connection between the urban center and Paseo de la Marina.

N16: new exit from Barcelona
From Barcelona, ​​​​the last departure is added at 23:10 in the direction of Castelldefels.


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